The national museum in Cracow Серия: The National Museum in Cracow инфо 3448t.

The decision to devote a separate volume to one of the departments of the National Museum is justified by the long history and great cultural, artistic, and patriotic importance of the Czartoryski collection, бщйнхwhich formed an independent institution until 1950 This oldest Polish museum was founded at Putawy in 1801 and refounded in Cracow in 1876, three years earlier than the National Museum It is for this reason that the second volume appears before the first one Its pubвзныьlication nearly coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Czartoryski Museum in Cracow The publication of the first volume of the album will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the National Museum The catalogue of selected objects is preceded by an introduction which recalls to the reader the history of the Czartoryski collection, intimately connected with the stormy history of post-partition Poland The collection was intended to form aвргшф kind of national treasury of mementoes, a museum of European art and culture and also archives of important manuscripts and books The selected items represent the main trends of the Czartoryski collectors and are divided into seven sections: 1 Painting, 2 Illuminated manuscripts, 3 Drawings, water-colours, prints, 4 Decorative Art, 5 Militaria, 6 Antiquities, 7 Library and Archives Some of them are works and documents of the utmost value and historically the most important of all those to be found in Polish collections It is the desire of the authors of the album not only to give the reader aesthetic pleasure but also to inspire his interest in history and encourage him to learn more about the story of Polish culture in the spirit of the Pulawy motto: "The Past to the Future" В альбоме представлены живописные полотна, рисунки, декоративно-прикладное искусство, антиквариат и другие экспонаты из собрания Чарторийских в Государственном музее Кракова Теквтщьщст на английском языке Иллюстрации.